Henny & Han Frontaliny were born in Amsterdam. At the young age they were very interested in the accordion and met each other at the music-school of Dick van Leuven and played too in his accordion-orchestra.Together with 4 other young accordion-players they started the unique sextet The Frontalinys that won many first prizes at amateur-contests. Also they were invited to co-operate in radio-broadcasts and to perform at galas and  television-programs. During that time they were invited to the “From Coast –to-Coast-show” of Ed Sullivan in New York. Meanwhile the sextet was a quintet, quartet, trio.

After the secondary-school and a private-conservatorium-study Henny & Han Frontaliny became an accordion-duo and they were booked as professional artists for galas, radio and tv.  At last they were the most successfully and great demanded accordion-act from Holland.
But for them Holland was too “small” and the desire to work abroad was getting stronger.

Via international agents the first contracts came for Norway, Denmark, France, England, and people praised their very specific stage-performance and were enthusiastic about the virtuosity and the nice radiation of these out-and-out musicians/artists.  They worked in west and east Europe but more and more Germany became the most important country for their work.

 In Holland they worked 8 years in a weekly radio-program and the in Holland recorded L.P.’s and CD’s  are soled in the whole world.Galas, tours with “Stars”, variety-theatre, luxury-cruises, radio and t.v. are still their activities. Among others they worked together with Rudolf Schock, Karl Gott, Iwan Rebroff, the Bolshoi-Ballet of Moscow, James Last.

Han Frontaliny was also a member of the New-Malando-Tango-Orchestra with the recordings and the international tours to for example Japan. Private they are a married-couple for over many years, have one daughter and live in a small village near to the Yssel-Lake north of Amsterdam.